This settlement examination is held by Northamptonshire Archives within the Daventry parish chest records (ref NRO 96p/190/28).

It shows clearly the difficulties family historians can face when trying to find where an ancestor originated from, not just his birthplace but also the places where he may have lived and details of his marriage(s) and family. However, if you are lucky enough to find such an examination the biographical information they contain is invaluable for your research.

The examination of William Pritchard, plaisterer (plasterer) now residing within the parish of Daventry taken 29 April 1765 before two Justices of the Peace.

He saith that he is about fifty four years of age and was born in the parish of Kingsland in the county of Hereford and that at about the age of sixteen years he was bound an apprentice for seven years to his late father William Pritchard deceased then of Kingland aforesaid, a plaisterer.

That after the expiration of his apprentice he travelled and worked at his trade as a journeyman in divers part of the Kingdom and said that about the year 1730 he intermarried with one Patience Arnold then of Foxley in the county of Hereford, a servant and by licence from Wm Piles, one of the proctors of the spiritual court held at Hereford.

He had by his said wife Patience, who is since dead, twelve children namely Samuel, Patience since dead, Samuel, William, Arnold a boy since dead, Arnold another boy now living, John, Thomas, Joseph, James, George and Patience, that the second Samuel and William and the second Arnold, and Joseph and John were born at Kingsland aforesaid, that said James was born at Ludlow in Salop, and that said George and ye last named Patience were both born in parish of St James, Westminster in the county of Middlesex.

His said wife Patience died in year 1752 and that about 24 June in the year 1753 he intermarried with Elizabeth his now wife whose maiden name was Elizabeth Puttick by virtue of a licence granted by the Revd Samuel Penvill, then of Ashington in county of Sussex, at Ashington aforesaid and that by his said wife Elizabeth he hath had four children namely Elizabeth who is dead, Elizabeth now living who was born at Guilsborough in county of Northampton, Charles who was born at Shackersons otherwise Shackerstone in county of Leicester, Mary who was also born there. That Elizabeth last named is about 8, Charles about 4 years and Mary about two years.

He saith that about 1745 he rented a public house at Ludlow aforesaid at the yearly rent of twenty two pounds from one Ballard, gent, that he this examinant lived in said house two years and paid his rent accordingly and served the Office of Overseer of the Poor there. He said that he hath done no act whatsoever since his dwelling at Ludlow save and except his renting and occupying a house with its appurtenances in the borough of Daventry whereby he could gain any legal settlement which house this examinant said he took, rented and occupied for one whole year at twelve pounds and fifteen shillings and paid that rent according to his agreement with his landlord. Saith upon his oath that he was duly and lawfully married according to the rites of the Church of England and that he fairly and honestly obtained such licences for that purpose.




Signed: William Pritchard