How will historians look back in years to come to how we coped during this outbreak? Why not record your experiences?
Northamptonshire Archives is asking for help to record this information for future generations. Please see further details below. 

Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Service exists to collect, preserve and make accessible the memory, history and heritage of the county. Just like any other national event, we are looking to collect material which will reflect on the local effect, and response, the Covid-19 emergency has had on the organisations, communities and people of Northamptonshire.

We are therefore asking for help to record and collect this information for future generations. We would like to ask you to begin a record or diary of your thoughts, feelings and daily activities during the coronavirus pandemic and especially any changes you have noticed in your community.


You can submit material in either paper or electronic form. They can be written diaries, thoughts, ideas, photographs, drawings, letters, or audio or video recordings. For both physical and digital materials collected, we would like to ensure that they can be made freely accessible to members of the public. We ask anyone creating a coronavirus diary not to include such things as names or personal details of other people which could potentially identify them.


For more questions about the project or to submit a coronavirus diary please email Katie Stewart at


When you are out for your daily exercise, essential work or shopping trip, perhaps consider bringing your camera or phone with you and photographing anything you think tells the story of the epidemic in Northamptonshire. For example, you might take a picture of the queue for the shop or the signs on social distancing at your local park. If you are taking any photographs or creating an audio or video diary, please keep a record of when and where they were created, along with your name, unless they are self-explanatory. Also, when creating a diary, please consider what will or will not be understandable in future years. If you are not sure people will know what you are referring to in the future then please briefly explain. We ask everyone to please make sure that they are following government health advice and not to put yourselves at any risk when creating your coronavirus diary.


If you are unaccustomed to writing a diary, perhaps consider a few of the following ideas:

  • What did you do today (or this week)? How was it different to what you would do in a ‘normal’ day or week?
  • What impact have recent events had on your health and wellbeing?
  • What changes have you observed in your family, your friends, or local community?
  • What are you doing to keep yourself calm and/or healthy and to relax?
  • Are you a student or a teacher? How has your school life changed recently?
  • Are you working from home or are you still attending a work place? What is your job normally like? What is it like now?
  • Are you practicing social distancing or self-isolation? Why or why not? How is this affecting your communication with family and friends?
  • Has this crisis changed any of your day-to-day hobbies, leisure activities, travel, celebrations, and/or religious activities?
  • What do you think about the response to the crisis?
  • What has been the most difficult thing for you personally about this crisis? Do you think there’s anything positive that may come from what’s happening?

Many thanks,

Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Service