PROJECTS – Memorial Inscriptions

Memorial Inscription Group

One of the current projects of the Northamptonshire Family History Society is the transcribing of Memorial Inscriptions in the parishes of the diocese. Many have already been recorded and, currently, we are working in the south Daventry area.  The area in the south of the county around Brackley still needs to be covered and we would be interested in working with any groups in this area to record these parishes.

Eventually each set of transcriptions is indexed and published in a small booklet which includes a plan of the churchyard and has a picture of the church on the front cover.    The booklet will also include memorials recorded at any other church or local cemetery within the parish. Details of which books are available can be found here.
New Publications – Boddington – St John the Baptist, Braunston – All Saints and Cemetery, Culworth – St Mary the Virgin, Morton Pinkney – St Mary, Sulgrave – St James the Less and West Haddon-All Saints

All the recording work is done by our volunteers (although sometimes working with people living in a parish).  We usually have recording session once or twice a month from April through to October.

The Programme for 2021 
We hope to start recording at Chipping Warden and neighbouring parishes from July. Check back for updates

It can be fascinating, challenging (some of the churchyards are beautifully kept but others can be overgrown or quite rough underfoot) but very enjoyable.  We record on Fridays and we work well as a team and usually have a break for a picnic lunch in the middle of the day.

New volunteers are very welcome and would like to join us on a regular basis, please get in touch to be added to our list of contacts also people with a particular interest in a parish.  We work in pairs so a less experienced person can work with someone who has been part of the project for some years.   We also record memorials inside churches too and include any inscription or notice which may be of interest.

Dates or venues sometimes have to be changed due to adverse weather or something happening within a parish so it is advisable to make contact before visiting any church.

Contact: Jill Boys:  Email:    01604 830378 or 07598308473