Members receive a copy of our journal, Footprints, every quarter at the beginning of August, November, February and May. 
It contains a wealth of information including Society news, diary of forthcoming meetings, articles from our members, a list of members’ interests, as well as regular updates from the Record Office and Libraries.  We also spotlight various resources to help you with your research.
We’re sure our members must have some interesting stories about their ancestors so why not share them with us.  Articles for inclusion can be sent, along with any pictures or photographs illustrating your story to our Editor by email or post.
Our journal also includes a ‘Can you help?’ section so if you have a query, have hit a brick or would like information – another member may just be able to help.

Deadlines for the journal are: : 20 June, 20 September, 20 December and 20 March.

For further information, please contact the Editor:  Mr Chris Green.  or email: the editor


Our first 40 volumes of our quarterly Journal  Footprints are available on 2 CD’s. These can be ordered from Parish Chest via our publications page