FAQ  – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use an All in One Query


The all in one query combines all the data we have for a specific set of names.
By its very nature it will contain data gathered from many different sources and will contain a lot of detail
Columns A-K are:
Column A: Family Name – Typically the Surname
Column B: Given Name –  First Name
Column C: Data Source –  MI = Memorial Inscription,  W= Wills & probate,  R= Registers (parish)
Column D: Index reference – MI= Memorial inscription created by the society, N= Probate record, Window tax,
                  Quarterly Sessions Gamekeeper , B= Burials, C= Christening or Baptism,  M= Marriage, Mlist= Militia Lists
                  There are many other references to be found, for specific ennquiries please contact: search services
Column E: Event Year
Column F: Location- Typically the Town or village or the Parish
Column G: Fathers name – If available
Column H: MI Page number – If the Source is a MI booklet published by the Society, the page of the entry is shown
Column I: County – In some cases we do have records related to other counties,if not stated assume Northamptonshire
Column J: Last Update – The date of the last update to the database containing the record is shown, so that newer records can be                              identified
Column K: Original File- Any entry in this column will indicate that addition details are available

Columns M to W contain Probate details
Columns X to AX contain Baptism details
Columns AY to BQ contain Burial details
Columns BR to CL contain Marriage details

What is Gift Aid


 Gift Aid allows individuals who are subject to UK income tax to complete a simple, short declaration to that effect.  Doing so when you pay your subscription allows the Society to recover an amount equivalent to the basic rate of income tax (currently 20%) from HMRC, an additional £2.86 for each subscription received under the scheme, costs you nothing and is worthwhile additional income to the Society. 

Click below for full details   or  download the form here



Where to Start

 This leaflet produced by the NFHS, maps a path that can be taken to help build your family tree and will show you some of the information and where it can be found. It is not a definitive route as there are many sources available to researchers and not all can be shown, but it will set you well on your road. Note that many of the sources cover a wide timespan.

Click on the Image to download and then print the leaflet. The best results will be obtained by printing the leaflet from the PDF, double sided and 2 pages to a sheet (Using your printers instructions), otherwise print as two pages.


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