The Society offers various search services on its recorded databases to assist the researcher. If you want to see which surnames we have on file there is a searchable table, but it does take a few seconds to load. <Click to View>

We are offering an All-in-One search of our databases.  The results are in the form of a spreadsheet, over 70 columns wide, showing the details of any burial, marriage or baptism record we hold. Please note that not all parish records are complete, particularly the baptism records, which are very much a “Work In Progress”

The selection can be by Family Name; Given Name and by date and the result can be sent by email, or copied to a memory stick.

The cost is  £1.00 for every 25 detail records.  Any record for which we purely hold an index is included without charge.  If you would like us to to do a search please send us an email with the Family Name and Given Name you wish us to search for and we will get back to you with a cost and summary of the details we have.  Send the email to: Personal Names Database 

A fuller explanation of the spread sheet can be found under FAQs

Please click to view a sample.

Whilst every effort has been made to transcribe the registers and other transcripts accurately no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions. The researcher is always advised to check the original records to verify entries in the database. It must be remembered that some of the registers are in poor condition and many have entries that are difficult to read.


The following parishes are complete and have been uploaded to FMP  , they also appear in our “All in One” extract

Broughton baptisms 1746-1758
Castor baptisms 1812-1837
Creaton Baptisms 1741 to 1750
Creaton Baptisms 1794 to 1812
Deene baptisms 1690-1723
Denton baptisms 1813-1837
Edgcote baptisms 1717-1812
Fawsley Baptisms 1813-1901
Flore Baptisms 1697-1726
Flore Baptisms 1778-1812
Fotheringhay Baptisms BTs 1813-1838
Great Brington Baptisms 1813 – 1837
Great Harrowden Baptisms BTs 1812 -1838
Greatworth Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Greens Norton Baptisms 1813-1837
Grendon Baptisms 1559-1693
Hannington Baptisms BTs1813-1837
Haselbech Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Hellidon baptisms 1813-1837
Hemington baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Hinton in the Hedges Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Kelmarsh baptism BTs 1813 – 1837
Maidford baptisms 1813-1838
Marholm Baptisms BTs 1813-1838
Marston Trussell Baptisms 1813-1848
Newbottle baptisms 1754-1783
Newbottle baptisms 1783-1812
Newbottle Baptisms 1813-1838
Newnham Baptisms 1700-1729
Northampton St Sepulchre Baptisms 1813-1834
Pilton Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Stoke Albany baptisms 1813-1837
Sulgrave Baptisms 1813-1838 
Tiffield Baptisms 1813-1837
Ufford baptisms 1813-1839
Warkton Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Wootton baptisms 1707-1747
Wootton baptisms 1760-1813 
Yarwell baptisms 1751-1800

The following which might have a few missing entries are included in the “All in One” extract.
Aston le Walls baptisms 1540-1718
Aynho baptisms 1562-1653
Badby Baptisms 1708-1784
Barton Seagrave Baptisms 1609-1812
Brigstock Independent baptisms 1805-1837
Bulwick baptisms 1813-1869
Burton Latimer Baptisms 1813-1837
Charwelton Baptism 1813-1838
Collingtree baptisms BTs 1813-1818
Cottesbrooke Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Draughton baptims BTs 1813-1865
Everdon baptisms 1813-1838
Finedon Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Flore Baptisms 1727-1777c
Flore Baptisms 1813-1839
Greatworth Baptisms BTs 1792-1812
Hardingstone Baptisms 1781-1812
Isham Baptisms 1813-1837
Lamport Baptisms 1812-1837
Laxton baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Long Buckby baptisms1874-1894
Nassington baptisms 1813-1837
Northampton St.Sepulchre Baptisms 1834-1837
Rushton baptisms 1813-1839
Sibbertoft Baptisms 1813-1837
Slipton Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Southwick Baptisms BTs 1813-1838
Stanwick baptisms 1813-1839c
Sudborough Baptisms 1813-1837
Sywell Baptisms 1813-1837
Thenford baptisms 1813-1837
Thornhaugh Baptisms 1813-1837
Thorpe Achurch baptims BTs 1813-1829
Thorpe Malsor Baptisms 1813-1837
Upton by Northampton baptisms 1813-1861
Wansford Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Weedon Beck Baptisms 1737-1812
Wittering Baptisms BTs 1813-1837
Woodford Halse baptisms 1813-1840
Woodford Halse baptisms1744-1763
Yardley Hastings Baptisms 1813-1837

    Email: Personal Names Database 

DATA BASE SEARCHES  ” Names index “

Each entry comprises:
In addition to the Surname, searches may be limited to a time period, specified place, area of the county or specific forename.

Printouts are available at:
£1 to members per A4 sheet (please quote membership number)
£1.50 to non-members per A4 sheet (each sheet contains approximately 50 entries)
 Please note that these entries are included in the “All in One” option.

    Email: Personal Names Database 


Northamptonshire Marriage Records are now available on Find My Past
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Northamptonshire Burial Records are now available on Find My Past
431683 Burial records for the period 1527 – 2006, 
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