This online database of Members' Interests only includes details from members who have indicated that they wish their Interests to go online. It records names, localities and periods being researched (Northamptonshire and adjacent parishes only).

Making Contact
If, after making a search of the Interests Database, you would like to make contact with a member, then please send an email to the Membership Secretary who will forward your request to the Member concerned. Please note that we cannot guarantee that they will respond.

Please include the following in your message:

  • The membership number of the person you wish you to contact (this will be found in the column against the relevent interest)
  • The name interest.
  • Your own e-mail address.
  • A short accunt of the reason for your interest.
  • That you found the information on the NFHS website

Please do NOT include an attachment. You will receive an acknowledgement when your message is forwarded to the member - this should normally take place within 10 days.


Please click on the first letter of the name you are interested in-

Added Format - You can now search the full Database in PDF format.

  • Click HERE to launch the PDF Database.
  • When the PDF page has opened, press Control + F, or click on Edit > Find and enter the name or location you are searching for in the search box.
  • Click on Next or Previous to move through the names in the database.PDF

The Members Interests section was launched in February 2010. Last updated 07-Jun-2017 .
Names are added on a regular basis so keep checking back.